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"...this was an amazing experience..

You are truly gifted,  

Thank you" 

[private name held, East Yorkshire]

As a Visionary Artist and Natural Intuitive, Yvonne connects with the Universal Consciousness to create a uniquely inspired piece of Visionary Art to contemplate and treasure.  Soul Doodles connection may include Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Power Animals or other inter-dimensional  beings bringing Wisdom.  


Channelled information is offered in the written, or spoken word.   Artworks are created in media as inspired, typically watercolour, ink, pastels or charcoal.  Each Soul Doodle is scanned and offered in original or, if preferred, digital format.  

Soul Doodles are original and unique pieces of artwork, created and channelled through Yvonne.  They provide a visual, artistic interpretation of the unseen, energetic Beings, who lovingly share their insight and guidance.  Soul Doodles bring a loving and deeper connection with the Self and the wider Universe.

"A lovely lady who is completely genuine..... very conscientiousand well connected to spirit..."

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Visionary Art with Soul Guidance

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